Blazing Jealousy

Sun, you are jealous of Moon

For it sees a side of me you do not witness

I am a night owl, though I try my best to fake morning dove

The moon glows beside my creativity, my productivity

While you get my foggy bitterness

Moon is alluring

For its fleeting, faint glow has a fluidity of its own

Because of its ties to the tide

Its silvery light bodes well in the darkness

While it offers no heat, it makes no demands

It exists to light humans through the night

As a reflection of you

My friend, Sun, your light insists on being seen

Your heat boasting at its power

You illuminate entire skies and lands in one single fiery star

While Moon has difficulty peeking through a cloudy veil

Your heat is immense and needs the caress of wind and water both

Not to be burned

Too much exposure to you, and we may fall ill

Too little leads to problems as well

Moon does not have these consequences; it is much gentler

Don’t be so arrogant, so intense, Sun, there is no need

For I see your worth as I see his

Without you, there is no moonlight, no silvery glow

Moon needs stars like you to diamond stud the coal sky

While you do the work on your own

Moon has ties to the blue tides

Sun, you have ties to red fire that you are and so you make

Even through a dense wall of alabaster clouds, golden rays shine through

Finding the thinnest breaks to glimmer upon the world

You bring rainbows after storms, diamonds in the snow

And without you, there is no renaissance in Spring

There is so much life in you, my friend

You have Sundays and sunbathers

You bring dawns and paint the sky

Sun, you have a gentle nature of your own

Your warmth is a caress after a long season in your absence of appearance

Rays peek through to bring mornings

And early risers can watch you soar in the sky

As you bring in the new day

You need not fear that my personality favors Moon

For without you, Moon has little

No silver glow, no gentle caress of beams

Just a diamond studded, dim night

With darkened tides

Give me time to warm up to you

Odd as it may seem, for you are warmth in itself

I may have to fake morning dove awhile longer

Continue painting skies

Calling in dawns and ending dusks

Caressing the cold and creating diamonds

For there is much of you I’ve yet to behold

Work with Moon, for you two are not to exist without the other

Share your sky with Moon and he shall reflect you

With a white and pure brilliance

While you soar and glimmer with your gold

He shall blend into the morn, timid for it is not his place

Encourage him, Sun, for without him

There is no reflection of your greatness, no dusk to end

And a missing beam to call attention to your fellow diamond stars

In your sky

My personality shares itself between you and Moon

Some days I rise with Moon as a night owl

Others I soar in the dawn as a morning dove

Moonlight for dreams

Sunlight for daydreamers

You need not be jealous anymore


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