Depths of Hunger

Have you ever experienced a hunger that went so far past the stereotypical groaning, growling, and snarling that it became painful? A hunger that went so far beyond noises to pure void and agony? One the wells from a pit in the bottom of your stomach, a heavy, starving pit. Then the hunger rises from there, taking the pain with it. It starts to burn into your upper abdomen, a lasting ache. Once it reaches your ribs the pain bear hugs you there as if your stomach were sending you an agonizing message with its own crude, sarcastic humor.

“Hey, you! Yeah, you, moron! In case you didn’t hear me for the past couple hours, I’m gonna make sure you understand. You. Are. Hungry! Get off your ass, and get some food before I digest you from the inside out.”

But for whatever reason, despite the burning, stabbing ache in your ribs at the moment, you cannot bring yourself to move, let alone try to choke down food. Be it laziness, sickness, or even apathy, you are rooted to your spot in agony, so the pain has no choice but to spread further. Still, not without a sick humor as it sinks into your lower back enough so you believe, even if for only a second, that it might fade. No, no, it decides to claw its way up your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae, making sure you feel every burning twinge. Only when these hands of hunger reach your shoulders as if to grab them and shake you, do you drag yourself up and eat something quick and fleeting, an apple perhaps. Your goal is to stop the pain, make it fade. After all that pain, most of your energy is gone anyway, so the fruit will have to hold you over until your next real meal. Your stomach decides to take what it can get at this point, knowing full well the power at its disposal. If need be it can nag and torture you again until you give it the meal it deserves.

A burning hunger is a powerful motivator, with or without the void and agony as cruel company. Noises should be obvious enough, but for those too stubborn or too lethargic, a cruel, torturous gut with a sarcastic humor is one hell of a wake-up call.



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