In Response to a Writer

Writers make themselves perfectionists

They search for the right words to get their point across

They have a purpose


Because they search

Because they rewrite, revise

They must not write?

This view

Especially in the writer’s mind

Is narrow

Though I agree valuable time is wasted

With such an action

It should not be condemned

It’s correct to say

Writing is unselfish

Writer’s should do it for the love of doing

They want to do it

Something compels them to do it

If for any other reason

If for greed

If for jealousy

Don’t do it

If you must test the waters

You are not ready?

In a way this is true

But not as damning as it seems

You are not yet ready

But revision and collaboration

Are part of the process

Not to do so would foolish

And narrow of the writer

For he assumes his work is perfect

Revise, edit, improve

To be expected to do otherwise?

To be perfect without searching?

Foolish and narrow

If it’s agonizing

Don’t do it

If it’s selfish

Don’t do it

Without passion

Don’t do it

If it’s perfect

Look again

If it’s not

Keep going

A writer’s world is expectations

Though perfection is one

Which is narrow

Foolish to consider

Revise, edit, improve


With passion

There is no other way

(In response to Charles Bukowski’s “So You Want to be a Writer”)


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