Let Me Walk You Through My Past

Here is the house labeled D

On Donna Court

The house that looked a twin with those around it

There’s the field across the street

The one with the green box

That marked a first down

There my brother and I played football

Using the broken tan fences as end zones

And baseball

Using porches as bases

Playing to the hearts’ content

And then some

As long as we didn’t smash a window (or a door, or, of course, the fence)

I can show you the lakes we fished at

Possessed by my siblings

Who’d taken a fall in each one

My sister’s on the left

My brother’s on the right

We’d catch bluegill all day long (while my dad tried and failed for catfish)

Store ‘em in the cooler

Only to release them in a pond that housed none

Here, back at home, come wintertime we built a snow fort

Makeshift bricks from a plastic box

Only to have it smashed

By those delinquents down the street

Here, I helped Mom with chocolate chip cookies

And tasted raw dough off the spoon

The aroma crept into every crevice in the house

They’re almost done (hurry up, you stupid timer!)

Then out from the woodwork I’d come and

Straight from the oven I’d pick one off the pan

Scalding my lips, my fingers, the roof of my mouth

Well worth the pain though

Let me show the room where I sat crying

In front of the old white dresser

In a room I once shared

Crimson paint coated my face and right hand

Then on Mom’s lap as she cleaned and patched me up

Then back to bed with that white square on my forehead

Here I stand now with a scar

Where the paint had once stained

Relishing the memories

I’d almost forgotten how to remember


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