Nothing is Impossible

I’ve realized something over the past few days, and I’ve had to think hard to confirm it.

It’s literally impossible to do absolutely nothing.

Think about it, someone asks you what you’re doing and you say “Nothing.” you’ve just lied.

You’re sitting, or standing, or lying down

You’re breathing

You’re blinking or staring

You’re hearing them speak or communicating with them

You’re seeing them or sensing them

You’re thinking or your next response or ignoring them

If you’re reading this and you’re like “What if I’m sleeping?”

That’s something

You’re dreaming

You’re resting, your body is repairing itself, carrying out processes

Your brain is still active

You’re breathing

Your eyes may be moving

If you’re like okay, okay, wait, “What if I’m dead? I can’t be doing anything!”

You’re decomposing

You’re moving on to the next life if you believe in one

“What if I’m cremated?”

Your ashes are sitting in an urn

Your ashes grace the landscape or building you’re in

Afterlife if you believe

“What if I’m buried, completely decomposed, and don’t believe in an afterlife?”

Your spirit wanders

It graces or haunts the land and maybe a few well-chosen individuals

You’re reincarnated

“What if I’m completely gone and do believe anything happens to me after death?”

Your death is affecting someone

Your friends, kids, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses, romantic interest

The grandchildren that never got to meet their grandparent

The workplace you changed for better or worse

The home you left behind

Even when you’re gone completely, there’s someone, something that carries you on forever.

Conclusion reached: August 2015


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