Dance and Flight

My fair lady clad in white

Against the dark background you light

You sing a song of flight and dance

Avert your eyes right, in a trance

Thought of wings cupped close to heart

The viewers’ eyes dare not depart

Thought of things not done before

Mere seconds glance down to the floor

Then all at once up to the left

Seconds keep your tale from theft

The heartfelt tale told of your dance

And so begins half second trance

Left hand drifts to and from heart

With a grin, your favorite part

With the dance, you drift and sway

Eyes to the left, so far away

Thoughts on things not done before

Eyes down, with excitement soar

Back up, your heart’s cupped in both hands

Right down first, watched from the stands

Left down with you, right up at dance

Right back down, two seconds glance

And with the dance your notes will rise

To end the story in your eyes

Arms lift your notes to greatest height

As they soar into the night

And with your end, there comes a bow

Though your grin does not allow

Story of dance and flight to fade

Under the black drift of night’s shade


The inspiration for the poem can be found here.


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