Feedback Opportunity! Piece for Piece!

For any writers out there who’re looking for some feedback, I’m looking for some interesting content.

Here’s the catch: feedback must be reciprocated. If you drop a piece in the comments for feedback, I’d like you to take a look and give feedback on a piece as well.

One to one ratio: for every piece you drop, you must review a piece as well.

Purpose: giving detailed feedback to writers and getting some as well. Plus, you can discover other blogs with material in case your reading well has run dry.

Looking for: 

  • Fiction – any genre
  • Poetry
  • Pieces to make me think – Food for Thought
  • Writing Advice
  • Free choice – tell me what the piece covers

Feedback given: My feedback will be detailed with constructive criticism. I’ll not only tell you what works but what may need improvement. I’ll try to be as specific as possible to point out positive and negative examples. You are free to request positive only if you wish.

Feedback received: While compliments are lovely, it means more to me when readers get involved in a piece to tell me what they liked or didn’t like. I want to know how you feel with the piece and what resonated with you. Tell me the why’s of it all, especially if you didn’t like something. I strive to improve in every aspect I can, and the more detailed feedback I get, the better writer I will become.

Keep things civil! If I’m taking the time to view and give feedback on your post, I’m trying to help you improve, not break your spirit. If you don’t agree you have every right to defend your piece, but not at the cost of dignity.

Have fun! Find pieces you want to read, not just the shortest ones.

Happy reading and writing!

-Author S


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