Elemental Voices – Air

How would you think a voice with an affinity toward air would sound? It’s the highest of the four basic elements, known for its breezy softness. Airy voices have a caress to them, a smooth gentleness that cannot be matched in the same way by any other elemental voice. Its flowing quality makes it easy to manipulate and pair with elemental voices as well. However, two airy voices could spell trouble for listeners with air’s fragile quality. Too much softness could lose the listener in its high range and lack of depth. Overall, the air element voice is a force to be reckoned with in its delicate, childlike beauty.

While air is known for delicacy, it can also spell fragility for those with trouble controlling their voice. This element will lose its strength, falter, and die out if pushed too far beyond its natural range. Like a gust of wind, it will wander, and spiral out of control if left to its own devices. Too high and it won’t hold, breaking away into a splintered silence. Too low and it won’t reach down far enough, doomed to float above the intended note.

Airy voices draw power from their chest and their head. Peaks of range can spell a breezy softness, soothing the listeners. Often, air element voices are used in lullabies for the caress and comfort. While attractive in its calm nature, airy voices in their childlike innocence and delicacy, can take on a quality of breathlessness. This makes the voice sound weak and underused.

Practice will make masters of those who have an affinity for air. Once they have complete control of their voices, songs become beautiful in their breezy caress. Mothers sing their children to sleep with the delicacy and childish familiarity, content in the knowledge of having soothed their listeners with air’s high ranged softness.


4 thoughts on “Elemental Voices – Air

  1. Lana The Mother says:

    Great posts, with great perspective. I read your four elemental voices posts, and got to say, they are amazing. I loved your way of writing and describing. I liked that kind of literature in your posts. When I started I just couldn’t help but continue reading and reading and reading. well done and good luck. I will certainly be waiting to read more 🙂


    • hailangeliccreation says:

      Thank you very much for such strong compliments! I’m glad you enjoyed them, and I’ll have to think about continuing, as I’ve covered the four basic elements. I have more in mind related to these, but it’ll take some head drafting first haha. Otherwise, there’s fiction and poetry a plenty while you wait. I look forward to hearing more from you! Feedback is always welcome.
      Happy reading and writing!
      -Author S

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