Elemental Voices – Earth

What qualities would a voice with an affinity for earth have? On the opposite end of the spectrum from air, earth is the lowest elemental voice of the four, known for its deep smoothness that can get a little rugged around the edges. This element has a steadfast and stubborn nature unique to the earthy sound. Its smoothness with the ability to transform into jagged, sharp edges makes this elemental voice versatile in its texture. Pairing this with other elements will lend substance and wider range. However, two earthy voices paired together could mean a song too flat, too jagged, or too unrelenting, as the element can be harsh. Overall, listeners get enthralled by the depth of its low notes and the variety of its textures. The most texture-variant voice of the four, earth element voices are those of physical feeling.

While earth voices are known for their texture, push them beyond their range and they will lose desired qualities. Too high and earth voices crack, forming edges doomed to ruin the note as they get stuck below it. Too low and smooth will become flat with little variation. Their jagged nature can ruin songs if they vary notes with little gradient. Instead of working their way up or down, they create mountain peaks where notes become sharp and unappealing. Only in certain cases does this degree of change work in song.

These element voices draw their power from their roots, working with a solid stance and bringing the voice from the stomach. Higher earth voices may vary from stomach to chest. As their low tones are brought up and out, listeners are hit with textured substance they’ll feel throughout their bodies. While their well rooted earthy lows contain a variety of textures often used in country music, their mixed physicality can dull out or become too box-ish if uncontrolled.

Practice makes perfect as they say, and the same goes for men and women with an affinity toward earth. Once they master their textured voices, they can lend substance to a song or stand as well alone with their peaks and valleys. Husbands soothe their wives with their low ranged, texture-variant voices with enough smoothness to duplicate a sense flow and the rugged edges of masculinity.


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