Elemental Voices – Fire

What characteristics are unique to fiery voices? This mid to high range element is known for is power, whether it comes in large bursts or steady streams. This bright, strong voice demands to be heard and felt. The only element with a high temperature, fire can bring a subtle warmth, steady heat, or a quick burst of energy. Its range in degrees gives the fiery voice a versatility of its own, lending heat and substance to other elements. Careful pairing two fire element voices, or the power might overwhelm the song. Overall, listeners are drawn in with the demand of the element, and with its variable degrees of energy, they’ll be in for a surprise.

While fiery voices are known for their power, weakness does come from pushing too far. Push too high and the voice will waver, flicker, and die out. Too low, and flames seem weak and dull, unable to keep listeners. Their energy and warmth invite listeners to songs, but if uncontrolled, they can do damage by over-embellishing unimportant notes, words, or phrases. Listeners get over stimulated and lose interest. Being such a demanding element already, it needs to have a balance of steadiness and flare.

Fire element voices draw from the chest and head, pulling from the stomach on occasion to give an extra push. Listeners are wowed by firecracker bursts of power, often used in pop or rock genres, that echo in their ears, leaving a lasting impression. Lending their warmth to songs gives fire voices their own sense of softness as well. Left to its own devices, however, and fire will overwhelm and destroy a song not meant to have too much power.

As with the other elements, practice will make masters of the fiery voice. Their affinity toward the element of heat and power gives them a range of notes and temperatures to choose from. Lending substance to other elements as well as standing alone in their own flare gives fire element voices a wow factor and sense of depth. Competitors impress judges with their bursts of energy that demands attention as well as their controlled warmth to resonate with any listener far past the song’s end.


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