Elemental Voices – Water

What would you expect from a voice with an affinity toward water? In its low to high range, the water element voice is the most common and versatile overall of the four basic elements. Known for its adaptability and flow, water voices can take on some of the best qualities of the other elements while maintaining its own unique charm. With its own softness and substance with an ability to change at a moments notice, water is the voice of versatility. Unlike other elements, water has the least amount of concern with pairing it with another voice of its kind. Because of the wide range and ability to transform, two water voices only worry would be a soggy, heaviness and monotony that comes from copying.

With many desirable qualities, water seems to have the best of the elemental worlds with its malleable voice, however, like the other elements, weakness sprouts from too much pushing. Either way, too high or too low, water voices tend to trickle out. Lower ended pushing tends to lead to a sputtering trickle for weakness, almost as if the voices inhaled the dust from an earthy tone. Too high and the voice will take on an airy fragility, with a small crack only to end up with a fading trickle. This element has control issues of its own, despite is smooth flowing nature. Containing too much for too long can result in a breaking dam, where overwhelming energy floods and drowns listeners. Spread too thin by doing too much too soon and water won’t reach to its fullest, leaving weak areas to a drought. Also, its ever smooth texture can dull a performance in need of more harsh, jagged note changes. With a water element voice, control, balance, and flow are key to strength and adaptation.

Water element voices draw power from the stomach, chest, and head, depending on the intended note. Water element voices flow through the whole body, so limbs are used for a solid stance and directional flow, be it upward or downward. Listeners can expect nothing less than a voice of change, as water element voices adapt to take on traits of the other elements, as water adheres to whatever will let it. As a universal voice used in almost any type of music, it can rise like wind to create its own misty softness. It may harden over time as it cools to smooth ice. Water can also take on heat well as it holds a warmth of ease and familiarity. Lending its depth and ever changing qualities to other elements will deepen their meaning with an echo or widen their range with a contrast.

Practice is essential to master this element as with the others, given the wide range of areas to cover. Water element voices who can get ahold of their steadiness in the mid range will be well on their way to taking on some of the best qualities of the other elements. Voices with an affinity toward water have countless possibilities waiting as they explore their range and depth. Being the voice of versatility gives the water element more than enough of its own charm, as it can take on other elements’ range while achieving its own depth in the matter. Having the strength to stand on its own gives it an advantage while taking on the airy softness. Steadiness works well when taking on a fiery heat. With the low to high range and a smooth texture, taking on earth should be close to second nature. Performers make an impression on audiences with its adaptability and unique flow, uninterrupted by obstacles as its waves crash through them one moment only to rise above or sink below them the next.


6 thoughts on “Elemental Voices – Water

  1. silentwayfarerblog says:

    A great article, completely unique and a great perspective. to improve, maybe you could stop repeating certain phrases or words and replace them with something different. 🙂


  2. Babz says:

    Hi, just read your 4 elemental voices post and got to say I am not a fan. It’s not because it’s bad writing or anything, it’s just not my type of litterture, I’m more in to fiction/fantasy.
    However I am glad that you wrote each one seperatley, as it made for easier reading.


    • hailangeliccreation says:

      Oh, well,thank you for being honest! Yes, I’d rather it be easier to read than to try and make it longer. If you’re into fiction/fantasy then the Imagination Leaks Series would be better I think. It’s in the ongoing series link and the parts are in order. Perhaps you give that a try. Thank you for the feedback, and maybe I’ll write some fiction based on these later on. Happy reading!
      -Author S


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