Heated Categories

Dry heat: This heat, if not too intense, prickles your skin as if it were trying to crawl passed it. Its tiny pins and needles leave you wishing for a breeze to whisk it away while it tries to dig its way down from your neck and shoulders. Add intensity and this heat bakes and burns. From the moment you step outside, you’re frying under the direct beams from the sun. You stand in front of a campfire, gazing at the flickering flames. You resist the urge to reach out and touch the waving fingers, lest your skin be marred from it. While it doesn’t weigh you down as long as you have water, it can wear on your body and nerves as it leaves its mark on your skin.


Moist heat: Coupled with humidity, this heat is one of the most uncomfortable. You’ll burn in the rays of the fiery star while it leaves you with undeniable stickiness as skin peels away from itself and other materials. Clothes are matted down and you can only hope to scrub this disgusting invisible film away in a cool shower.  Better do it before it seeps in because moist heat adds a certain heaviness to the equation as well. Clouds of steam may have the same effect but they’re whisked away with a wave of the hand or the breeze from a towel, making them tolerable.


Wrapping heat: Necessary and comforting, this heat can cascade down and wrap itself around your body. It’s the hot shower after a cold night, pouring down on you and surrounding you starting from the outside in. When it seeps into your bones, your shoulders ease and you sigh as you wrap your arms around yourself before you wash away the dirty memories of the cold. It’s the sensation of pulling a blanket around yourself and holding a cup of cocoa in your chill heavy hands.


Body heat: This is the warmth that comes from your beloved wrapping his arms around you. A familiarity and a safety being so close to him. This is the sensation of breath healed hands as you try to bring life back to them before they turn blue. This is the blush that blooms in your cheeks after an ‘I love you’. Hands holding hands, lips melding together, bodies nestled in bed. This heat wards off a killing chill and warns of sickness.


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