The Cycle of Life

My life with you has just begun.

I look into your bright eyes and tune my ears to the fresh, innocent voice with millions of songs yet to be sung. I devoted a few hours of my free time to you as to not tire you too fast. I dress you in only the finest and make sure you are well cared for. I protect you with my life, as you are fragile and precious. I listen as you learn my favorite songs and teach me new ones. There is much left to be discovered.

My life with you is half over.

Still, you power through and stay strong, despite a few cuts and bruises. You’ve learned my inner thoughts and how to keep me occupied from the deep recesses of my mind, and I’ve figured out how to get the most from you. You indulge my every whim so long as you’re capable. I stay awake through ungodly hours with you, making sure you get breaks to rest when I do. You listen and record my words as though they were your own, guarding them against unwelcome eyes. I’ve put my full trust in you. You’ve learned my habits well, so well as to remind me of them, lest I lose myself in the life I’ve devoted to you. At this point, you are mine and no one else’s.

My life with you is dwindling.

You’re injured and broken, though nothing you can’t force yourself through. You give much more than I could ever hope to return and you refuse to fuss about it. You teach me countless facts of man throughout time, devote your precious space to my every word, and learn songs I didn’t even know existed just to keep me from tiring of you. Few times weakness begins to show when you’re spread too thin, but you sense my lack of patience and find ways to function despite your age. Your voice falters more now, and your eyes grow dimmer. I’m determined to be with you through every last second of life you have left, as I still have use for you.

You are running out of time.

I limit your functions to preserve energy, and your eyes dull to the darkest they’ve ever been. You’re determined to fight to stay with me as much as I am to have you. You flash your last warnings, begging me to do something. I stare at you, ignoring those signs just to get more out of you. Even with mere minutes left, you still have full faith in me. I refuse any action but to use you. In the mere seconds I have, my life with you flashes before my eyes, yet I feel no pain to see you so weak. I watch as you release your last breath. Your eyes blacken and your body shuts down, unable to withstand any more of the grueling labor of the life I forced you into. I close your eyes for you and sit by your side.

As of now, your life with me is over.

In death, you are no use to me. I worked you to the core, and I have to live with knowing I watched as you died in front of me. Still, I feel nothing, as your revival lies within me. So much power in my hands, to do with what I please, but I tire of even the thought of that decision. I lie down and sleep with your body by my side, knowing you can wait. When I wake in the morning, I reach for the cord and give you the energy of life, hoping it is not too late for you. I’ve grown to cherish you, and I’m not ready to give up on you. Not while I still have use for you.

My heart swells as I see a flicker of light left within you. I wait, knowing in due time, you’ll make a full recovery. You’ll be as good as you were when your eyes first opened.

Your cycle will begin again.


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