What Does Moonlight Sound Like?

Moonlight sounds like the confessions of young lovers as they lie underneath a cloak of soft silver beams and stars, waiting for a diamond to fall from the sky. Shadowed kisses connect as the steadiness of beloved heartbeats mix with the choir of crickets. Reaching for the others hand as they each make a wish when the star soars on its falling journey. Laughter mingles with the lullaby of waves lapping the shore. Clothes pile on the beach and silhouetted bodies take a dip in the cover of night. With their own silver spotlight, they relish each other’s faces in the glow before the sun has a chance to steal the precious time from them.

In another place, one where the light of the moon bleeds through the trees, shadowed fists are thrown after each slurred insult. Bodies twist, struggle, and fight in the gravel until blood spills and bruises swell eyes shut. The victor is congratulated by the fear of his date who sees a different man than the one with whom she came. She kneels to his victim, helping him to his feet. The victor stumbles home defeated after all.

On the roads lit by nature’s flashlight, a mother takes her third lap around the block, hoping, this time, will be the charm to lull her crying baby to sleep. When her efforts prove fruitless, she pulls the car into the driveway, lifts the child into her arms, and hums to her, surrounded by silver beams and hundreds of yellow flickers.

A bed circled by familiar people in an unfamiliar room, an old man gives his son’s hand a final squeeze and releases the breath he’s been holding inside, fighting death to the last moment. In the last seconds before his eyes close for the last time, he realizes he has nothing to fear as he takes last his glance not at the people he loves, but into the eye of God.

In another instance, silver ribbons shine witness on the birth of a girl blessed to share her first breath with the prime of the full moon. When her eyes open to her new world, the night glow reflects in her oceanic eyes, mirroring the tides that heed the moon’s call. Nestled in the protected circle of her mother’s arms, she sleeps in the safety of the soft silver light.

What does moonlight sound like?

Moonlight sounds like life silhouetted in darkness.


2 thoughts on “What Does Moonlight Sound Like?

    • hailangeliccreation says:

      Thank you very much for such a big compliment! I hope you’ll other pieces that resonate and stick to you like this one, and feel to drop a prompt in the post under Interactive! I always love to hear from readers!
      -Happy reading and writing!
      -Author S

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