Secret of Magic

Once upon a time there was a healer in a village. Renowned for her abilities, she could’ve worked for the richest nobles and royalty, but instead, she took a liking to children, little ones in need with nothing to pay her. Townspeople scoffed at her, thinking this path of work a waste of her power. Still, she cared for them, telling them stories and once they were healthy, again, the secret of her power.

“Cheer up little one. Give me your best and brightest smile.”

The children would wipe their tears and try their best grins for her. Then when she’d try to leave they’d grab her hand, wanting to give her what they had to pay, copper coins or favorite toys. When she’d decline they’d bow their heads, thinking their belonging weren’t good enough. She’d kneel in front of them, take their hands and ask them a question.

“Would you like to hear a secret?”

They’d smile and nod.

“First, you must promise me something.”

They always agreed.

“You must promise to always believe in magic and the power of good will to help others.”

When they promised they would believe, she’d embrace them and pass her secret in her last fleeting words.

“Children like you are the source of my magic.”


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