My Other Half

Thank you to Denaespieces for this prompt!


“Do you really have to go?”

“You I know do.”

I reached for her shoulder. “If it’s something I did-”

“No, no, it’s not you.” She took my hand. “It’s something I need to do for me.”

“To get yourself back on track.”

“Exactly. I need that control, now more than ever.”

“You know I’ll always be here to help if you need me.” I hugged her. “You’re never alone.”

“I know.” Tears welled in her eyes. “I need to go before I change my mind.”

I held her back when she tried to turn. “Wait, I have something for you.” I reached into my pocket, pulling out a silver box.

She slipped it from my hand and popped it open, revealing a necklace with one wing engraved on both sides.

“Hail.” She turned it over. “Author D.” Tears streamed down her cheeks.

I showed mine hanging over my heart so she could read it.

“Angelic. Author S.” She pulled me in for another embrace. “They’re beautiful.”

“We’re two parts of a whole. Remember you always have a home here.”

She pulled back and wiped her tears to replace them with a smile. “Thank you.”

I shook my head. “No, thank you.” I took her hand one more time. “You always have me in your corner, cheering you on. I’d wish you luck, but something tells me you won’t need it.” I smiled when she made a face. “Promise me you’ll keep in touch and come to me if you need anything?”

“I will. I’ll see you soon, okay?”

I released her when she pulled away this time. “Not soon enough. Now, give it all you got.”

She held up her wing and nodded. After she put it on, she turned to go. I watched her until I couldn’t see a sign of her anymore. I clutched my wing to my heart and spoke.

“Always my other half, my friend.”


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