Question: Why do you have faith?

Faith is a source of relief and comfort.

I do believe in God, Heaven, Hell, Angels, and Spirits. My personal relationship with God has been a complicated one since I was young. I never stopped believing in him, but I had and have questions about his intentions. Knowing I’ll go through my life on Earth to have a possibility to have those questions answered is comforting. I’d like to believe this isn’t the only life, that something happens after death because it gives life in this world a sort of purpose other than seeming like a finite thing.

Angels and Spirits are a fascinating, comforting, yet sometimes dangerous and scary thing. I come into contact with my sister’s spirit on a regular basis. She loves to appear to play pranks or tease, like she’s making up for the time we lost when she died. She was ten, and I was four.

She’ll pop up when I’m playing cards to rub in the fact I’m losing or sometimes to help me out (As the number 95, her football number).

She’ll open doors and knock things down to tell me she’s there. I had my dorm room open three times in one day, no draft, no people, nothing.

She’ll mess with my music. She turned on my stereo by itself and keep skipping songs (track 1 to 4 to 7 to 12 to other random numbers). I finally unplugged it and never used it again.

She’ll mess with my Dad’s car, turning the music, heating, and windows on and off so they don’t work like they should.

She’ll fly around as a yellow butterfly just to say hi or check on me and the house.

Those may seem arbitrary, but they have meaning to me and the family. Everyone knows the signs of her presence and welcomes them (for the most part). It gives me a chance to talk to her, tell her I’m okay and threaten to call Mom if she’s messing with me. Yes, yes I know she can’t do anything about it, but that’s enough to get her to stop for a while.

I also have faith in the supernatural because science cannot explain every happening here on Earth. I’ve mentioned Spirits and Ghosts. I believe in superstition and karma, though not every listed type. There’s magic all around us, though maybe not in the stereotypical forms. This kind of faith is of pure fascination and curiosity, knowing there’re otherworldly forces working around us. Coming into contact with them is thrilling, one of the many highlights of life.

For skeptics, I also have faith in worldly things. Humanity, good-will, love, friendship, and so forth. Those are comforts and motivations. For those times when I question my purpose in life, when I don’t want to get out of bed, when I feel alone in the world. Having faith in those things is a source of strength and reason. It gives a sense of optimism to me and many others. It’d be harder to get through the days without faith. It brightens my outlook on life, knowing that there’s something or someone good in the world.

Why do I have faith? For comfort, for answers, for strength, for motivation, for fascination, for curiosity, and for a look outside my world and into another, all for the sake of living life.

-Author S


4 thoughts on “Question: Why do you have faith?

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Wow. Very well written post here. I love how open you are in sharing some very private parts of your life. I think an important aspect to blogging is being able to share as much as you can with the audience, so they feel they truly know who they’re following. Great job!


    • hailangeliccreation says:

      Thank you for the compliment. While I usually guard my emotions, faith isn’t so personal to me I felt the need to hide. I need to work on opening my doors to people anyway, so thank you for the comment!
      Feel free to leave feedback anytime!
      -Author S


  2. gentlemanx9 says:

    Faith can be attributed to hope which has been considered humans greatest strength and weakness. This was a good way of interpreting faith from a(what I assume to be) a much more casual person. We see a bit of your beliefs based on how you describe your personal sensations and relationships with others. Good use of symbolism.


    • hailangeliccreation says:

      Thank you very much, and yes, you’d be correct to say I’m more casual with my faith, perhaps more than I should be. There’s always time to strengthen it though. I was hoping to let readers in a little bit because I need to work on opening doors, so I’m glad it translated well on the other end. Thank you for such in-depth feedback as well, and I hope to hear more from you!
      Happy reading!
      -Author S


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