30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 3 – Pet Peeves

Write your top three pet peeves:

  1. Not picking up after yourself – Okay, this one sounds super obvious, but my brother is guilty of this all the time. His room is always a disaster, and it reeks. While I can’t do anything about his personal space, he also leaves wrappers and cans on the coffee table, blankets in the living room in piles, and dirty dishes in the sink. It’s a miracle to get him to do dishes at all, much less right away.
  2. Interrupting me – I’ve had this done to me so many times, and I admit to being guilty of it myself. I’m trying to do better. When I’m trying to have a conversation or make a point and you cut me off, I have to swallow down the urge to get angry. That said, if you do it multiple times, I’ll be pissed. Let me have a say and finish the point I’m trying to make.
  3. Coming into my room/space without knocking/permission – My brother does this all the time too and wonders why I get angry at him. I can’t lock my door because of the way it shuts. I have little space I can call mine, and when you violate that space without permission or warning, I’ll want to keep you out period.

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