30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 4 – Ordinary Heroes

Write about someone who inspires you

In lieu of picking one person, I’d like to go with a type of person. A hero. I just got done watching a documentary on 9/11 in history class called 9/11: Stories and Fragments, where the chief was quoted in saying heroes are people that do “ordinary things at an extraordinary time”. He was referencing the rescue workers and men and women who’d pitched in and sacrificed their well-being, comfort, safety, time, and lives for the sake of other people.

Heroes, the human beings who go out of their way to think of other people and help them before they help themselves, are who inspire me. Whether it’s volunteering to make conditions better for someone (soup kitchen, hospital work, building/repair) or sacrificing your life to save someone, everyone can be a hero. Even the littlest things count. Donating that spare pocket change or that extra few dollars, making someone’s day, consoling someone, anything to put someone else first. After all, it’s the ordinary things, not the grand gestures, that tend to make all the difference in the world.

The rescue workers saw themselves doing their job, but what they did saved countless lives. What could be seen as an everyday task could make all the difference to someone else. If you put other people before yourself, even in the simplest way, you’ll be someone’s hero.


4 thoughts on “30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 4 – Ordinary Heroes

  1. Darryl Walker Jr says:

    Hi! Good piece!

    I am uncertain as to whether or not I understand the idea of giving prompts, but here goes =D Write about your favorite holy scriptures and how they impact your life, and what turbulent situations they have guided you out of.


    • hailangeliccreation says:

      That’s a good one, though I’m not sure say specific scriptures so much as values I live by. And yes, you can definitely leave more like this. In the future you’d go to Interactive (under Scribble the Path), and there’s a post specific for leaving prompts like these in the comments. Thank you so much, and I’ll write that piece today!
      -Author S

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