Question: What values do you live by and why?

I’d like to thank Daryl for this lovely prompt! Readers can give me prompts here!

Okay, to start, I’m going to have to tweak it just a bit because living by certain scriptures doesn’t apply to me so much as living by ideas. I’ll give you the bunch that apply most.

Love – I think this is the one value from all others stem. If you love someone you’re going to be kind, open, accepting, generous, honest etc. with them. If you love someone and can’t do these things, maybe you need to work on those areas or reevaluate what that relationship means to you.

Kindness – I know this seems so obvious and not worth listing, but so much can come of it. A warm smile or a quick greeting or acknowledgment of someone can mean so much. Sometimes it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone to have a quick conversation with someone you see often but don’t talk to. Just by being a kind person, people will open up and your life will be brighter.

Honesty – For people to trust you, you need to give them a reason to do so. If nothing else you can live by your word and build from that. So much can be taken at face value that it means more than ever, to be honest.

Selflessness – Following my piece about heroes, this applies more. Humanity depends so much on the ability to put others before yourself that it’d be a crime to not list this. The world needs more selfless people that sacrifice their comfort, time, safety etc. for others well-being. If you need something from me, whether it’s my time, advice, shoulder to cry on, or ear just to listen, I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can.

Generosity – This one I love because I adore seeing the reactions on people’s faces when you do or give something to them unprompted. When I go to arcades, I love seeing children light up when I give toys from the claw machine or the extra tickets I don’t have use for. The shock, joy, and excitement from them and their families are payback enough to know I’ve made their day better.

Openness – Coming from a college freshman, openness means a heck of a lot. There’s so much possibility in the world that I can’t afford to be closed to new ideas, people, and the prospect of learning throughout my life. It’s one of the reasons I want to be an author because I get to explore and create so much based on the boundless possibilities on Earth or elsewhere. Part of it is also being open to people’s beliefs and differences without judging them or shutting them down.

*I will not be open to ideas, beliefs, and ways of life that infringe on others’ rights as human beings to be treated as equals, remain safe, and have the ability to live and express themselves freely. Racism, sexism, ____phobias, and hateful ideas and beliefs will not be tolerated.*

Acceptance – This goes hand in hand with openness in being able to accept people for who they are without judgment or a closed mind. However, the above warning applies here as well.

I live by these values and others because they’re applicable to life forever and always. I’ve been thinking in so many ways I wouldn’t have dared since my start at college it’s ridiculous.

Take, for example, my idea of a universal religion:

Okay, I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now, so hear me out. When I started looking at/saving things based on magick ideas and practice, I feared the consequences of going against God. Since I’m a Christian, there are certain ideas and practices that are pretty big no-nos, but I started wondering about this. What if religions and spiritual ideas around the world had connections that make them not opponents but categories of sorts.

For example, many religions have many Gods/Goddesses/Deities assigned or associated with different ideas and groups of people. The Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians are well-known examples of this. Even the Catholics have saints for which they look to for guidance. All of these groups had supreme beings, however, higher power or God of gods. For the Romans, it was Jupiter, the Greeks Zeus, Egyptians Ra, and Christians have God. It makes sense that other god/goddesses/beings below this almighty God would be an extension of Him/Her and His/Her power.

What if all things in the universe, be they forces of nature, beings and deities, spirits, magick, creatures, etc. could all be thought of as extensions of God’s power?

Think of the beings you call upon for help or guidance. Are they specific to a purpose like the many gods/goddesses/saints, are they forces of nature like the elements or do they go back to one God? Imagine if calling upon all of these or using them as extensions was all acceptable because of their connection to God.

Magick as I see it, a force of nature and of human beings to connect with things, people, and beings around them, is there for a purpose. Calling upon the elements for safety, well-being, warmth etc. would make more sense in some cases than calling upon the Almighty. Asking for guidance from other deities or saints wouldn’t be frowned upon.

All of these things can be seen as extensions or categories of God’s limitless power and as such, shouldn’t be shamed when people call upon different forces than you’re used to. Rather, if we can get passed the differences between the practices, we can find the fundamental similarities among all of these things.

All of the values I live by have led me to where I am today, a spiritual/religious human being with a Christian background. However, just because I have a Christian base do not mean I’m closed to new ideas and possibilities (such as I’ve described). I want to learn about and make the most of any connections to or extensions of God that I can because just knowing there are beings and forces out there for the safety, protection, well-being, and prosperity of creatures like us humans gives me great joy and comfort. It opens limitless possibilities to the universe we can call home.


6 thoughts on “Question: What values do you live by and why?

  1. Naaria says:

    Very deep and insightful post, especially this part: “What if all things in the universe, be they forces of nature, beings and deities, spirits, magick, creatures, etc. could all be thought of as extensions of God’s power?”

    To me, if God is everything, then deities, spirits, etc. are all definitely extensions of him, in forms that are a little easier for us humans to grasp and understand. Kind of like when you study for a test and you use mnemonics or other little “tricks” to help you remember certain things, it seems easier to grasp the vastness that is God a little at a time. If that even makes sense 🙂


    • hailangeliccreation says:

      Exactly! I’m glad my thoughts made sense to someone else and I didn’t sound like I was spouting nonsense. Yes, if all things were seen as extensions of God’s power, it’d certainly make sense to be able to call upon and use them.
      I’m glad you liked this post and found it meaningful! I hope my other works live up to it.
      Happy reading!
      -Author S

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Healing Foodie says:

    I too live by Love, a hard one to fully grasp as we all continually learn and evolve to the true manifestation of LOVE and only by the source of the One who is LOVE. Love is only complete when shared. Why? Because to love is to be loved. It must make full circle. I am not sure if comments can be edited but mine had a spelling error and I didn’t make it to the why. Please add to your page if possible. Thanks and blessings


  3. sarahbruso says:

    These are two very important questions, and I find it can apply to politics just as well; every political ideology has its own worldview–they all answer the questions “what do we live for and why?” As someone who hasn’t yet been able to fit into one camp or another (in terms of, say, liberal vs conservative, and so on), I find myself digging for the answers to those questions.

    Personally, I found your idea of a universal religion really interesting. I don’t meet a lot of other Christians who are as open to the idea. I liked it!


    • hailangeliccreation says:

      Thank you for such in-depth feedback! Please, feel free to do this anytime and leave prompts!
      I’m glad you’re digging through information to find your own answers rather than simply going on one side or the other.
      Yes, I’m a fan of inclusive ideas, including religion. I don’t like the idea of a certain wholesome/spiritual practice being off limits because of how a group sees it, so why not find a way to make all good spiritual practices available to learn about/try instead of being forced into one field or another? I don’t want to labelled sacrilegious or unfaithful because I choose to learn and try many different spiritual practices. No one should have to live solely in a certain box with a fear of venturing out and being against God. Rather, if we see all things as extensions of God, then all manner of spiritual practices and beliefs, as long as they don’t infringe on others’ rights to religion, safety, etc., would be open to everyone willing to open up and look beyond their respective tunnels.
      I’m glad I could discuss this with someone who doesn’t think I’m spouting nonsense. I hope you find joy and meaning in my other pieces as well! Comments are always open, so feel free to drop in a though or two!
      Happy reading!
      -Author S

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