30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 6 – Win My Heart

Make me laugh – While this one isn’t hard to do at all, it’s essential! I want to know I’m able to have a good time around you, and that means being able to laugh together.

Have some of my interests – I’m a person who gets excited, probably a little too excited when I talk about my passions. I want to be able to express my love for these things without feeling like I’m losing you in the conversation.

Be willing to listen – I’m reserved and usually not willing to express 100% of myself unless I know I’m safe to do so. If I know you’re going to listen without judgment, I’ll open up more. This also includes not interrupting me.

Don’t be afraid to be affectionate – If I’m in a relationship with someone, I’m most likely going to want physical contact whether that means kissing, nestling in your arms, holding hands, etc. I want to know you’re not embarrassed by doing these things with me. However, keep in mind I have boundaries!

Accept me for who I am – I want you to love me for me. I’m an introvert who enjoys time alone, craves it, needs it to function. Know there are days when I’m too over the top with emotion and others when I’m sort of in shut-down or autopilot mode. Love me for my quirks, as many as there are, and don’t try to guilt or shame me into changing. That said, know I’m always going to try to grow and change for the better. Just be able to love me for who I am and who I’m going to be!


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