30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 10 – Equal Human Rights

Write about something for which you feel strongly.

Every human being on this planet should inalienable rights. Certain rights of the human existence should be guaranteed.

Access to quality healthcare: Regardless of your income or lack thereof, a fear of insurmountable debt should never override the need for quality healthcare, period. This includes emergency room visits, ambulance needs, mental health care, dental care, etc. Any care that has to do with the improvement or maintenance of health should be guaranteed to every person on this planet, regardless of whether or not you can afford to pay outrageous costs.

Also, while we’re on the subject, mental illnesses are serious illnesses, end of story. They’re not in any way lesser than physical illnesses and should never be treated as such. No person with a mental illness chooses to have it, and no person without one should every shame, belittle, or marginalize a person with one.

Access to quality education: We can all agree rising costs for education, especially higher education make this harder and harder when everyone should have a right to education for the improvement of themselves and their respective countries. This should automatically include sex education for safer practices and political education to avoid ignorant decisions that affect an entire population.

Freedom of speech: This should be guaranteed no matter where you are or what language(s) you speak. For Americans who argue “We’re in America, we speak English” are ignoring two important facts. One, America does NOT have a declared official language (source, source, source). Two, nowhere in the constitution does it say freedom of speech in the English language, just freedom of speech (source). Besides, if you had any openness to other cultures, you’d probably be happy to have a unique chance to learn other languages, right? Yes, the majority of the United States does speak English, but that does not mean you have a right to disrespect or trivialize other languages. Freedom of speech should be guaranteed to anyone regardless of language as long as it doesn’t infringe on others’ rights.

Freedom of religion: Okay, this one is also given under the first amendment but is often threatened in America as well as around the world. Everyone should have the right to worship and practice safely as they choose or not do so without any fear of harm or harassment. This includes the destruction of sacred objects, clothing, holy books etc. No one should have to hide their chosen religious practices for fear of hatred. You worship and practice your way, and I’ll do the same. That being said, everyone should also have the freedom to change, learn about, and practice religions at their own pace and free will without fear of retribution from any group or person. We are ever-growing and changing beings, therefore our mindsets and practices should be free to do the same.

Equality of wages: Equal pay for equal work regardless of race, gender, religion, class, orientation etc., period. It never should’ve been a question, and it needs to be fixed pronto. The wage gap still exists for woman and is more prominent for women of color. There is NO reason for this, end of story.

Living wage: If you have a job, and you’re working 40+ hours a week, poverty should never be a fear. A full-time job should guarantee at the very least that your basic needs are met without struggle. No one should have to live in fear of not being able to take care of themselves, their families, or their households when they work full time. No one should ever have to take 3+ jobs to make sure they can provide for themselves. Doing that takes time they should be allowed to spend developing themselves as human beings, not working themselves to death trying to put bread on the table.

Freedom from fear/danger: No one on this earth should go to sleep in fear for their lives or wake up wondering if they can go about their days safely. Everyone should have the access to above rights and be able to live their lives as they choose as long as it doesn’t harm or infringe on anyone else’s rights or well-being. No one should fear fellow citizens of their own country. No one should fear the law enforcement of their country unless they’ve committed a crime, and even then, they should be treated as human beings, not tortured, beaten, falsely accused, or given unfair access to provisions under the law.

Full control of their own bodies: If it’s safe and legal, let human beings treat and explore their bodies as they wish. There will NEVER be a reason for rape culture, victim blaming, slut shaming, etc. NEVER should a person have to question or fear what rights they do or do not have over their bodies. There is sex, and there is rape, end of story. Non-consensual sex does not exist because it is rape. Women should not have to dress or act a certain way for men to get a message and vice versa. It’s their body and you do NOT control it or have a say.

Freedom from stereotypes, dichotomy label structures, and trivialization of identity: This applies to race, gender, orientation, etc. Let people be free to explore and express who they are. If it doesn’t harm you, why do you care? The LGBTQIA+ community is valid and everyone should be willing to accept them for who they are. Regardless of what race you are, you shouldn’t have to live or act a certain way to be valid. All races are valid. Regardless of what gender or orientation you identify with, you shouldn’t have to live or act in a way for the comfort of someone else. They’re human beings just like the rest of us, so treat them as such.

Okay, so I’m sure you’re wondering a few things. You may be wondering about my politics for one, and I’d be happy to share them as well as discuss them with anyone who feels the need or desire to do so. Let’s get started.

  • I am a feminist. This means I want equality for any gender, man woman, or transgender. Every person should have a right to equal treatment, and there’s way too much by way of objectification and dehumanization of women and transgender people. Men experience unfair standards as well. No one should ever feel a practice, way of living, or expression of humanity is off limits because of gender. Makeup, clothes, emotions, music, food, etc. do NOT have genders, and should NOT be treated as if they do.
  • I cannot support Donald Trump or the outrageous actions and beliefs of him and his supporters for obvious reasons. Anyone who caught a glimpse of his campaign knows why I’m against him, but if you need specific reasons, I’d be happy to discuss.
  • I’m pro-choice, and here’s why. Read every post! I’m not pro-abortion, I’m pro it’s someone else’s body, and my beliefs should not have any weight in deciding what they’re able to do with their bodies. I’m pro let’s be safe with sex but not shame those who didn’t always have a choice. I’m pro stop dehumanizing people who have had abortions for various reasons. They are NOT murderers.


  • I support Black Lives Matter. The movement was NEVER designed to say only black lives, and those who say otherwise obviously don’t read about it. I acknowledge the importance of all lives, but I recognize the mistreat of black lives today and back hundreds of years. I recognize police brutality and the disproportionate amount of black people in prisons while white people get privilege. As a white woman, I recognize my privileges, and I want to educate myself on the struggles of others to help. All Lives Matter is a valid goal for the future, but not a valid argument against Black Lives Matter. The people who support Black Lives Matter didn’t create the separation between black lives and all lives, the people supporting All Lives Matter did. They’re fighting for awareness and action in a specific cause, not taking away from anyone else. Nowhere did they ever say only.


  • Politics goes far beyond politics, and no one can deny that. This goes along with why I can’t support Trump or his supporters. Your politics are based on your ways of life, and if you support someone who can unabashedly trivialize the experiences of so many people, then it’s clear politics isn’t just politics.

*I’m sure there are so many more rights, but those are the ones that screamed to me off the top of my head at the moment. I’m open to editing this if anyone feels as if I’ve left anything out. Please, feel free to use the comments below to add something you feel passionate about, and I’ll consider adding it. Also, if you disagree with something on here, be respectful in the way you tell me and tell me why. Keep in mind I hold the power to not allow or delete any comments that disrespect me or others, and I will use that power if I have to. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and expression, but under no circumstance should I or anyone else have to deal with hatred or disrespect because of rights that should be guaranteed as human beings.*


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