30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 11 – What If?

Write something you always think “What if…?” about.

All many of you have figured out, music is an essential part of my life. I saw to music all day every day, whenever I have free time to myself. Music saved my life and continues to do so every day. As I type this and most likely as you read this, I’ll be listening to music, and it will be saving my life. It will be keeping me because as long as there is music in the world, there is reason for me to live.

Because of this, I always think “What if I were to go deaf?”. Surely I’d be devastated, being in a constant state of outside silence. Being trapped with nothing by own thoughts and voices of my own mind (figuratively speaking), it sounds like hell on Earth for me. I’d find other reasons to live of course as I have many passions in my life, writing being essential as well. I’ve been thinking that deafness doesn’t just mean there’d be no more music for me, I mean there’d be the memory of music I’ve listened to if my life, but that’d almost certain fade or disappear with time.

This would of course also mean I would never hear my beloved say “I love you”, never hear my future child’s laughter, screams, voice, footsteps, anything. I’d never hear the rain songs on windows or rooftops. I’d never hear the pages turning in books. I’d never the heroic clashes of swords in mighty battle, horses hooves on stone, marbles rolling on wood floors, none of it. I would no longer hear a single sound, and I’d lose so much of my human experience. I’d lose the thing that kept me alive when I had nothing else, but I’d also lose part of the human experience in general.

Then, I started thinking “What if I never knew what it was like to hear?” If I’d been born deaf, what would be different about me now? What language would I think in? Would I be able to hear in my dreams? How much of the human experience is really tied up with what we’re able to hear or not hear?

As these questions swirl inside my head, I begin thinking about how this would be different for other senses, touch, smell, sight, taste, intuition, etc. What if humans had been born without any number of those things? And I believe I came across a new book idea for myself.

Through this “What if?” thinking, I’ve stumbled on the possibility to explore and create from the lost or nonexistent, essentially making something of nothing. I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to have all my senses and limbs, but I’d like to hear from someone who has experience with the loss or nonexistence of a sense or limb.

  • How is life different for you?
  • Is there something you miss or wish you could experience for the first time?
  • Have you found a way of living or coping that other humans haven’t thought about?
  • What would you like people to know about you?

Feel free to share whatever ideas or experiences you’re comfortable with, even maybe your own “What if”s.


3 thoughts on “30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 11 – What If?

  1. navidsamedi says:

    It’s an interesting point to discuss. I don’t have any first hand experiences of losing a sense but I recently had an eye laser surgery done and I can tell you I’m waiting to see how much of an impact gaining a sense -in a sense, no pun intended- is going to have on my life


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