30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 12 – Blessings

Write about five blessings in your life.


  • My boyfriend – This one had to be here. Baby, I love you, and I can’t believe I found someone who loves me for me, despite how crazy I am. You treat me with a gentleness I’ve never known, you respect my boundaries, and you make me laugh and express my childish side like no other. With you, I don’t have to worry, I just have to be me, and I can’t thank you enough
  • Possessing and having the ability to use all limbs – Okay, unless you count my left hand, which is not as useful unless I’m typing, I have full use of my limbs. I’m grateful to not have to cope with the loss of a limb or the ability to use one. As for my non-dominant hand, just needs a little practice.
  • Ability to use all senses – While some may be underdeveloped (when talking about other senses than the staple five), they’re taken for granted, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say I’m thankful. I honestly don’t know what would happen if I lost one or more of them.
  • Writers and their tools/processes – To all the writers in the world, thank you for being an example that I have potential to learn from. For putting your heart and soul out there for everyone to see. For fleshing out subjects and topics so people could satisfy their never ending hunger for possibility. Thank you all for laboring for long hours either with empty pages or blank screens. The world needs to recognize the voices behind the words, so praise be to you!
  • Excellent teachers/professors/mentors – All of my teachers and mentors deserve praise for getting me to where I am today. Special thanks goes to the wonderful people I was lucky enough to have teach me language, be it English or Spanish. I love languages and would give anything to learn every one in the world. I was blessed throughout my academic career to have amazing people behind me, developing my skills and encouraging me to go for a subject I hadn’t considered much before high school. High praise to my first Creative Writing teacher and current mentor for always having more than enough energy and passion to go around. I loved learning from you, you taught me so much more than I can express, and I can only hope I can continue to work with you.

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