30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 19 – First Love

Write about your first love.


My boyfriend is making a lot of appearances in the 30-Day Writing Challenge. I’m sorry if it gets old for me to write about him, but he fits the criteria. Here we go…

Well, while I do believe in love at first sight, I have to admit that was not the case. This love built up over time. We knew each in, mostly in passing for years. Since we’re both reserved introverts, we never really spoke much to each other. Then, there were days on the bus home from school where we’d end up next to each other because no other seats were open. I asked Brandon if I could sit next to him, and he said yes.

We’d talk about small things at first, you know, “this bus is loud and obnoxious”, “glad I don’t have homework”, “thank God it’s Friday”, that stuff. Then it got deeper, he’d show me videos on his phone, we’d talk about our days, we sit and laugh together and just sort of tune everyone else out. Before we started dating, people, usually younger kids on the bus would ask if we were a couple, and we’d say we were just friends. If only they could see us now.

As we got closer, I started inviting him over to my house. I’d do it when everyone else was gone so we didn’t have to put up with the 3rd degree and the big brother speech that were uncalled for at the time. I knew everyone would make assumptions, so I was careful to choose times when he could be over and we wouldn’t be bothered.

I think I know what you might be thinking, so get your mind out of the gutter! Our days together would consist of video games, usually Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii or movies, whatever we felt like watching. He’d bring over his system or DVDs and we’d just have a good time. I remember one day we were talking while I was making food and he asked me to kiss him. His voice sounded like he wanted me to but he was trying to play it off as a joke in just in case. I took the plunge and just kissed him on the cheek. He said it surprised him because he wanted me to kiss him but wasn’t expecting it.

Of course, later we kissed for real and cemented our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, confessing our love for each other not too long afterward. We’d been acquaintances and friends for quite some time, so it felt natural that we’d built something more.

Brandon is the first man I’ve fallen in love with, and I don’t think words can do it justice. He makes me feel beloved, safe, warm, elated, bubbly, and ridiculous (with laughter). He can make me laugh like no other and keep me going like no one else. He knows the videos to play, jokes to make, and things to say to keep me bursting with so many different kinds of laughter I lose count. They’re the kinds where you go silent, screech, scream, snort, giggle, guffaw, cackle, and God knows what else. He can get going through cycles of those in seconds to the point where I cry or make sides burn. We’re able to laugh together, and that’s crucial.

Being in his arms has the kind of feeling I never thought I’d experience. It’s a new kind of warmth. It’s a lost sense of security, love, care, and affection. Curling up under blankets together and just holding each other is lovely, and I can’t get enough of it. I get so comfortable I hardly want to move.

Kissing was a whole new experience because he was the first. I’d always imagined what it might’ve felt like, but I never could have guessed. I love the way he kisses me. On the cheek, the nose, the forehead (my second favorite), the lips (favorite), or even my hands (yes, like a gentleman).

Brandon is open and accepting of me and who I am, no matter how crazy that is. He knows my boundaries and he knows when enough is enough. If I say no, he listens. If I say yes, he listens. If I want to talk, he listens and is always willing. No, he’s not perfect, and I’m the furthest thing from perfect. We’re imperfect together, and that’s what counts.

I can’t say where this relationship will lead us. Not for sure anyway. We have our wants, but no one can plan for anything. The important thing is that we’re open, honest, and willing to go through life together. Whether it’s loving, laughing, crying, holding, kissing, or just being, we’ll do it together.

Brandon, I love you, and I can’t wait to see where this takes us.


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