30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 20 – Celebrity Crushes

Post about three celebrity crushes. 

Okay, I’m going to change this one up a bit and post three male and three female celebrity crushes, so here we go..

First the males:

Mike Fisher – Captain of the Nashville Predators hockey team and married to Carrie Underwood. I love his soft, deep voice, his warm personality, and his rugged features.

Chris Evans – While I admit to only seeing bits and pieces of Captain America, I did see Fantastic Four and Cellular. He’s not only an excellent actor in both, he’s insanely attractive.

Henry Cavill – What can I say? I love superheroes I suppose. He’s British, he plays an amazing Superman, and he’s tall, dark, and handsome.

Now the females:

Carrie Underwood – Yes, I know I listed her husband, so this might seem awkward. Not only in she the best country music singer in the world with an amazing voice, she’s gorgeous, funny, and she has amazing legs. Her personality and humor are outstanding as is her ability to make music a living story that I can listen to and play out in my head for hours.

Julie Andrews – Not only is she an acting legend whose movies are good for the soul, she’s an amazing person all around. She was drop dead beautiful in her younger years and still continues to glow to this day. I love her personality, and I can’t get enough of her accent.

Emily Blunt – A recent discovery in the acting world, but I’m glad her movies caught my eye.  She’s an excellent and versatile actress (so looking forward to the new Mary Poppins!) with many roles under her belt. She’s got beautiful eyes, a lovely laugh, and an accent to die for.

I hope you had fun finding out who some of my celebrity crushes are. Trust me, there are many many more, but these are the ones that came to mind. Feel free to ask questions or drop a name or two in the comments below. Who do you find attractive and why?


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