30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 21 – Lessons

Write about three lessons you’d want your children to learn from you.


Be kind and generous for the sake of doing so but not at the expense of yourself or your health. – I’ve done this all my life, put others before myself. I will most likely drop what I’m doing to help someone else, and selflessness is great characteristic to a degree. You’re going too far if doing things for other people starts taking a toll on you.


Be the most unabashed version of yourself you can be. – As long as it’s safe and appropriate, be yourself! I certainly don’t want to be the reason you feel you can’t be who you are, and I’d want you to tell me if there was something I was doing or saying that made you feel uncomfortable or unsure of the way you can present yourself around me. I want you to be you, whoever that is. That means you have the right to explore yourself and who you’re willing to live and experience your life with, so by all means, do so! Be yourself, love who you love, and don’t be afraid to be open as long as you feel safe to do so.


Create something, anything, in the best way you can. – This is coming from the writer in me, but it doesn’t have to be related to writing. It can be music, drawing, painting, sculpture, computer technology, math, science, anything you feel you can do your best. I want you to create something that is yours, that you can truly call your own. I want you to have the fulfillment of creation and possibilities in the universe by whatever means you feel most passionate.


Okay, those are the three that came to mind, so what do you think? Are my lessons worth teaching or is there something else that should’ve been on there that wasn’t? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to leave the lessons you’d like to teach!


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