30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 26 – Intellectual and Self Growth

Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass. 

Okay, I have to admit I laughed when I read the prompt for today.

As for the answer, I have to go with my growth as for as intelligence, knowledge, and overall openness. My first semester at college taught me a ridiculous amount of information, opened me up to new topics, and expanded my interests. I was lucky enough to be blessed with wonderful professors who cared for their subjects and passed that energy onto me. We explored a plethora of topics together, and I can only say I hope to continue learning as much if not more than I did in this first round of classes.

Along with my journey at the university, I have my goal of learning multiple languages. Given the fact that I can’t practice as many as I used to while at school, I was able to focus in on German and Spanish instead. With Duolingo, I’m making some great progress in remembering what I learned throughout my years taking Spanish in school as well as making good strides to learning German. When I complete the German tree in Duolingo, I’ll likely branch out into a new language, though I’m not certain which one.

If you have any ideas, let me know!

Also, I’d like to know what some of the most valuable information is at your disposal. Teach me some new fun facts or rant on about your passions. I want to leave this open to you. If you have any questions for me, I’d be glad to answer. Really, I crave to learn as much as possible!



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