30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 27 – Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Write about a lesson you learned the hard way. 

Okay, for starters I would like to say I messed up the order of my challenges a bit. In my excitement, I’d skipped ahead of this one which was supposed to be Day 24, but that’s okay as long as I get back on track. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see all 30 challenges as promised.

Lesson 1: Read directions carefully! If you make a mistake, acknowledge and correct it.

Now for something more serious: be careful who you trust. I’m reminded of this one time and time again for various reasons, and it always seems to be the hard way. During this whole election process, I learned things about family, friends, and former friends that made me re-evaluate my relationships with people.

There are people in my family I’ve found to not be able to trust any longer because of where they stand with their politics. Despite what they say, politics goes so much farther than the field itself. They’re beliefs, thoughts, and decisions on which you live by and base your experiences and vice versa. I’ve gained and lost some friends as well when things came out about their political beliefs.

Because this election was and is so polarizing, having to go through the motions of removing myself from relationships while simultaneously starting anew was actually nothing new for me. It was bittersweet, knowing I had to remove some people who I thought I could trust and try to form good relationships with others who’d actually turned out to be on my side.

Politics aside, having to be careful of the relationships I’ve formed with people is nothing new. I’ve had to do it my whole life especially with my family. With the web of drama that surrounds and entangles my entire family on both sides, I’ve had to pick, choose, and go through the motions. I’ve had friends and family both use me, treat me like trash, and then throw me away when they were done. It’s not a pretty experience but a heart-hardening one. However, just because I have to be careful and guarded does not mean I’m done with forming relationships. In fact, it makes me feel as if I have a clean or at least cleaner slate from which to start.

I hope I form good relationships all around this time and that I know who my true friends and family will be when I feel it.


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