30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 28 – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Write about five things that make you laugh out loud. 

Okay, well, as I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t take much at all to get me going. I have a strange sense of humor that ranges to cover most anything, so I’m easily amused. Here are five things almost guaranteed to get me in a fit of laughter.

Game Grumps – Gaming Youtubers, these guys are amazing and funny. It’s a pastime with my boyfriend and I where we just sit and laugh together at these wonderfully goofy men. I love their Subway bit, Pokemon FireRed playthrough, Mark Zuckerberg bit, and their Super Troll Island episode. I laugh out loud every time I see or hear these guys with their great, albeit usually inappropriate, sense of humor.

Jokes dealing with the English language – This is the nerd in me coming out. I love things on tumblr where people argue about the insanity that is English and how people struggle with its strange rules.

Memes (Tumblr) – Not all memes, but I find most of them worth at least a chuckle. Some of them are downright hysterical. Really, tumblr in general is just funny. The stories, the inappropriate yet relatable humor, and the crude bluntness of it all just ties it together.

Sarcasm – I find sarcasm, especially when it’s well done in shows (like Avatar the Last Airbender) is a wonderful way to not only get a read on someone’s personality but also get a good laugh in.

Impractical Jokers – My mother’s boyfriend actually introduced the family to this wonderful TV show where four friends go through ridiculous challenges, and whoever fails at the most get an even more outrageous punishment. It’s awesome to see people’s reactions and all their different senses of humor and comfort levels get taken way out of their respective bubbles.

Okay, that’s five kind of specific things that make me laugh. Trust me, there are so many I actually had more trouble narrowing it down. I have a ridiculous sense of humor that has such a far-reaching range my family sometimes can’t get me to calm down. Let me know if you found any of these funny and be sure to comment what makes you cry with laughter.


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