30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 29 – Goals

Write about your goals for the next 30 days/month.

Try another 30-Day Challenge – I loved the goal of posting something to the blog once a day, so I’d like to try either another 30-Day Challenge or just continue to post daily.

Practice languages – As of now I’m practicing German and Spanish, and I’d like to get as close to finishing the German tree as possible on Duolingo.

Read at least three books a week – I’ve been slacking on my book reading lately, and I need to remedy that. I love taking writer’s notes as well, so it’ll help!

Start exercising more – Because of winter break and the lack of space at home, I’ve been lazier. I need to get some energy and shed some holiday weight and lethargy.

Continue the Imagination Leaks Series – I hope I can drum up some enthusiasm for the series and continue the story of Ellie and Adam.

Those are some simple goals for the next month, and I’d love to get participation and reader feedback as I go along! I hope to accomplish these goals starting January first. Let me know what you think and be sure to post some of your goals as well.


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