Promised Protection

My beloved,

I’ll try to convince the master to let me leave. If I’d known your nightmares would return, I never would have left you. I won’t let anything in the world stop me from keeping you safe. Keep the key close at all times, and it might stave away the visions of your dreams.

Read my letters and keep them at hand as well, my love, as reminders of our connection. Know it will never be severed, and I promise, I will return to you as soon as I can.

I will take this time to tell you every key has a lock. Whoever says otherwise is a liar. Your heart may not be locked to me, but I have another surprise that’s locked even to you. The only way to receive it is to have the key, so you cannot lose it.

I’ve missed you more than I can put into words, and if I ever saw the night demons who made you suffer, I’d pierce their hearts with my own arrows. My weapons would do no good at defeating creatures like that I’m afraid, for any being who’d do you harm has no heart for which to aim.

May my words and my gift to you lend you all the strength you need to defend against the darkness of your worst dreams. Hold on a little longer, my love, and I’ll be there as fast all permits.



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