Broken Trail

My beloved Anika,

It’s been two weeks since I’ve received word from you, and I can’t help but worry. I apologize if I’ve done something to upset you. I convinced the master craftsman to allow me to return home as long as he comes with me.

He insisted on meeting the girl I always talk about. I believe he even knows about our letters back and forth. He tells me I’m a lucky man, though I already know it. We’re on our way, love, and I’ll be home soon.

You’ll be in my arms before you know it, and I promise there will be no more nightmares. I’ll keep you safe from any harm. I had to explain your nightmares to the master, and he seemed troubled by them. He won’t tell me what worries him so…

Could it be your nightmares have only gotten worse? If something has happened…I don’t what to think about it. If only I could hear your voice. Perhaps in my own dreams tonight I’ll hear you sing, and I’ll wake up in less of a panic.

I’ll send this ahead of me in hopes you’ll receive it before I get back. Just a little longer, my love, and I’ll be home again.

May only sweet dreams find their way to you.



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