Golden Boy


Death came knocking at our door
And took our last four-legged friend
If I could ask for one day more
I’d be with him to the end

Give him treats for doing tricks
Play with him and his favorite toy
Let him outside, throw some sticks
Call him “old man” and “good boy”

How we’ll miss our Golden son
Our family, our brother
Who we watched grow from a little one
With love on this day, we would have smothered

If Death came knocking and I’d been there
I’d have asked for a second longer
To give my heart the time to bear
And grow a bit stronger

I write this now to you, Old Man
We’ll keep and store that lion toy
I hope you like the last ride in the van

We’ll meet you on the other side
Give you attention you deserve
Say hello instead of goodbye

To our old man, the Golden Boy


-In Memory of our old man, Buddy, the Golden Boy himself
February 11, 2005 – February 14, 2017


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