Setting Bank – Amusement Park

Newcomers stared at the spectacle of light weaving rides under the cloak of night, cascading screams in the midst of the highest drop, and mazes of bodies creating lined walls to each ride. Children giggled as the spun, bounced, and swung, dragging their attraction-weary parents behind them as they raced ahead. Bells tolled to those with enough strength to ring them, and alarms buzzed, announcing the newest winner of one of the life-sized teddy bears hanging on the wall. Kids rode on parents’ shoulders just as much as each ride, and couples flocked the Ferris wheel or the bumper cars, looking to heighten their bonds or give them the crash course. People weaved their way through days of excitement, pumping years of adrenaline into their veins before the end of summer could rob them of their freedom to relish in the wonder of it all.


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