Setting Bank – Library

Someone must have hired a master architect who’d spent a past life building cathedrals in order to come up with this book sanctuary. Artists, tourists, and knowledge seekers alike flocked to the ancient building, climbing cascading staircases to new levels they’d never reached before. Even in its enormity, each book stood tall, proud, and whole as if Athena herself had cared for every one of them. Surely, the mastermind behind this beauty of a structure must have had divine help for there were no moth-eaten pages chewed at the corners, no ghostly flickers in the lights, no stenches of mold or musk from even the oldest inhabitants on each shelf. A bit of mystery plagued the place, however, keeping some visitors well beyond their welcome and into the hidden realms behind moving steps, floor board hatches, and turning shelves. The goddess of knowledge must have hand picked those select few to help carry out the task of maintaining the holy ground of knowledge and secrets.


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