Scene Bank – Stairway to History

I clutched her hand as she helped my up the winding staircase. She gripped my waist, pausing to let me catch my bearings as the stairs wound my nerves and stomach into knots, tying in waves of dizziness that crashed into my skull.

“Just a little more, Natalie. You can do it.”

“I’m scared, Chloe.” I sank down on one of the steps. “I know you’ve always had this on your list, but I can’t go with you.”

She cradled her hand in my lap, letting my head rest on her shoulder. “I’m not going without you, even if it takes all day to get you up there.”

I scooted over as people stepped around us, and I pulled her arm. “Come on, you should go, take pictures. I’ll go back downstairs and meet you.”

Chloe shook her head. “No way, Alie, we’re doing this together, or we’re not doing it all.” She stood up, helping me to my feet. “Don’t make me carry you.”

“Promise you’ll stay at my side?”

She pressed her lips to my temple. “Even Lady Liberty couldn’t tear me away. Now come on, let’s go show the world what love is all about.”



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