Memory on Mute

Nine drawer dresser, painted white

Then there I was, painted crimson

My sister screamed for my mother

But time vacuumed out the sound of her voice

Blood bath washed remnants of trip down the hall

Creating a time gap until I sat in Mother’s lap

And got the blood and tear stains wiped away

My head, my hands both numb to the feeling

No realization before the question came

But she gave me the answer I needed

The blood was gone, she’d wiped it away

Square bandage replacement for hospital visit

Another flash by, and I’m back in my,

No, our room

The corner lamp illuminated the culprit

If only it could shed light on the bits I’ve lost

My sister is long gone, my only informant

Memories of the night fade as her voice,

Her screams play back on mute

Little details my head and hands have forgotten

I’m left with the souvenir of a scar on my forehead

A mark that shrinks with time while the lapses grow

Maybe when time takes its final toll

I can reach her, ask her, remember those piece of her

On the other side


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