Breaking the Black Curse

Reassurance holds Superstition’s hand as she cowers away at the sight of a black cat. Luck braids four-leaf clovers in her hair as Reassurance ushers her toward the shadowy creature. Superstition shudders, reaching to caress the cursed furball. As it rubs its head up against her hand, she relaxes with Luck and Reassurance at her side.

“You should think of a name for it.” Reassurance squeezes Superstition’s hand. “It’ll bring good fortune.”

“This creature is supposed to mean bad luck. If it crosses my path-” Superstition stands, backing away, counting her steps.

Luck stops her with a hand on her back. “Nonsense, having a black cat of your own brings nothing of the kind. No curse or plague of misfortune to fear.”

“He’s right. Having this creature as a companion is said to bring good luck, and there’s only one way to find the truth.” Reassurance pushed her toward the cat, guiding her hand out.

Superstition trembles when the creature hesitates, but when she speaks a name, it purrs, butting its head against her hand once more. She settles down and the black cat climbs in her lap. Luck and Reassurance turn to leave.

“You won’t need us now.” Reassurance smiles as the creature lays its head down, drifting to sleep.

“You’ve got that little guy.” Luck smiles and waves. “Keep the clovers, just in case you need a little extra.”

As they disappear, Superstition looks down, trailing her fingers across the cat’s head. Her thoughts drift to the lull of the steady purr.

“You’re all the luck I’ll need, Asher.”


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