Sister, Mother

I know I’m not your favorite
I don’t blame you for loving her more
She didn’t have time to be tainted
By the man who ruined you

She was your first
She had your eyes, you heart
I don’t blame you, how could I?

I’m an intruder on your memories
Just enough resemblance to trick you
Still, when you look into my eyes
You see him, not her
Tainted by the man who crawled into your soul
And tore it to shreds
In my eyes, there he stays
So I can’t blame you for looking away

But you must know
While I don’t blame you
My heart is fragile
A soul of glass
Knowing she should be in my place
So every time you use her name
To address me
My soul cracks, knowing you wish it was her
Instead of me
I hold back tears
It shouldn’t hurt so much

She was your first, your imprint
I’m the jigsaw with tainted pieces
I want her back as much as you
But know this
You use her name for me

And suddenly I wish, for once
For always
We could switch places
Maybe then you wouldn’t cry so


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