Safest Places

“There are few in the world that feel as safe as my best friend’s hugs.” I slung my arm around her, pulling her closer.

“Oh yeah, and what would those be? I have to beat my competition.” She smirked, laying back against me.

“The garden in the back, in the bedroom with the door locked, and near the willow in the winter.”

She hummed, poking my ribs. “You know those are our places, right?”

I pecked her on the lips. “Exactly! Now tell me, which is your favorite?”

She groaned. “If we had a greenhouse, I could say all three! Or at least, we could go to all three in one day, then I wouldn’t have to pick.”

I chuckled, drawing her nearer to my chest. “Come on now, Charlotte. You have to have a favorite.”

She traced figure eights on my collar bone. “I like seeing you wipe out on the ice, does that count?”

I gave her a jab in the shoulder. “Be serious.”

Her smile faded. “I was.” She stuck her tongue out. “Okay, okay. As much as I hate being too cold, I love seeing you light up when there’s snow around. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

I kissed the top of her head. “We can always huddle up and make some hot chocolate you know.”

“Wouldn’t be much help if it freezes outside, would it, Leah?”

“Then we’d have chocolate popsicles, so I don’t see the downside. We’d come in, huddle up by the fireplace, and eat up.”

Her eyebrows quirked. “Did we get a fireplace I don’t know about?”

I groaned, giving her a bear hug. “I’m trying to paint a picture here!”

She laughed, returning the embrace and laying her head over my heart. “Alright, alright. You were saying?”


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