Nobody ever knew how to describe her

To most, she existed

Not acquaintance, not friend, just there

But you couldn’t just describe her as existing,

could you?

Setting her apart in this category

would make it seem as if

she existed and others were somehow

on another level, that they did more

Were better in ways she didn’t know

The truth was, no one knew the real her

They accepted too many facades to count

Too many white lies with traits changing to match

One might say she was a liar, but it didn’t seem to fit

Certainly, she had told lies, but to discount her

for doing something everyone had done

at what point or another

would set her apart, when she’s no different

What then is her description?

Adapter? Shifter? No, those didn’t work

Why? They give no identity to her

Only her actions

What then should we call her?

How do you give a name to something you

can’t describe?

How many facades, how many layers

before you get to the real one?

What if she didn’t even know herself?

If she’d lost herself in disguise,

where did that leave her?

Nameless, a name to something without one

Perhaps someday that would change


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