Last Light

“Whipping up another great project, Einstein?” I jabbed him in the rib.

He jumped, spinning around to stare at me. He smirked but didn’t say a word as he tinkered with his latest and greatest. I tried to peek over his shoulder, but he ushered me out, slipping me a note as I passed through the doorway. The door slammed shut, and I took a look at the text on the fold.

“When the light flashes, let these be the words you see.”

I took one last look at the door, raising my arm to knock, but I let it drop. Another joke, must’ve been. I wandered home, wading my way through the day as I stayed close to the door, waiting for a knock that never came. Night fell, and a white flash flooded the room for a split second. I tore the note from my pocket, unfolding it with shaking hands.

“I didn’t disappoint this time, did I? I’ll see you on the other side.”

They were the last words I read before the world went up in smoke.


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