What You’ve Done

When I speak with you

flames blossom in my veins.

Venom leaks from every word,

and ice swallows my heart whole,

creeping into my soul. I can

thank you for the steel in my spine,

for there was only so much

I could take. So many bruises,

scars, wounds untreated.

No longer will I play this

emotional game of

Manipulation Manhunt

as I search for a better example

of what you should’ve been.

Perhaps one day you’ll learn

though my hopes aren’t high.

I can’t afford to make that climb

just to come crashing down

yet again. If by some miracle

you do change, come find me.

Be prepared for I may spit poison

at you, build irons walls around

my healing heart. Time will be

your test. If there comes a day

when my fangs dull and flames

turn to embers, my heart, my soul

may finally thaw, but there will

always be steel in the backbone

you tried to break.


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