Mental Gravedigger

Lost in the chasm of

blank pages and blinking cursors,

the mind is either left to swirl

in on itself, spiraling into the abyss.

It tries to block out the

inevitability of an imminent

battle with forces trying to keep

words from spilling forth.

Instead of preparing for the conflict

the mind would rather partake in

hours of empty distractions.

The body is left to wither under a

spell of convenience. It’s much

easier to give into the trance,

the temptation of vibrant

colors, echoing voices, and

flickering static.The mind

digs a grave of its own, all

because of a blank space

too open and daunting for the

mind to fathom. Little did it know

the cure to barren minds lies within

dripping black ink or tapping fingers.

The only noisy chasm cures lie

with the voices to spawn muses.


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