Celebrate Your Rhythm

The world won’t stop turning,

even as land lights up in flames

and stars flicker and burn out.

Life goes on, and time will keep ticking

until time is no more. Celebrate each

day as if it were your last, and be the

person you’d want to be remembered.

Make your impression on the world.

Tattoo the town you call home,

light the sky with a temporary fire,

a split-second sparkle because the

smoke will linger long enough to form

lifetime memories. Moments make magic.

Just enough to make time freeze, if only

for a heartbeat or a heartbreak.

Still, the world keeps turning,

giving rhythm to life and purpose for you

to keep the spring in your step.

Until your last breath stops your

world from turning. Only for a mere

moment, then rejoice in a new life

far less dizzying in its rhythm.


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