Rising Above

“They were cruel to me,

but I realized they didn’t even

deserve to have their opinion of me

matter in the first place.”

I placed my hand on her shoulder as she

clutched her black leather book to her

chest. “What are you going to do now?”

Her knuckles blanched as she dig her nails

into the covers, leaving marks never to be

undone. “I’ll rise from the ashes.”

Before I could ask what she meant, she tore 

the pages with even the most blurred lines,

the faintest drops of ink spilled from her mind.

She tossed them in the fireplace,

tracing her fingers over the binding as if

the book were brand new to her.

I stared into the flames, watching them kiss

the pages with black death.

“Is it that easy to get rid of your hard work?”

She flipped through the blank pages,

letting her fingertips run over them as

she gazed into the fire.

“I am the Phoenix, and each piece

of work a tear shed.”


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