Glamourous Until Gone

When you remove the glitz

and glitter, what do you have left?

What do you see when you

look in that mirror?

When all is said and done,

all the makeup washed down

the drain, you get the person

behind the mask. Then, all

you want is to have the sparkle back.

Never take the costume off,

and wear your braid until it frays

until it tangles into a mess you

never wanted to deal with.

Now, take one last look

when the costume has aged,

wrinkled, and torn. Was all the

glitz and glitter worth it?


4 thoughts on “Glamourous Until Gone

  1. kedawithani says:

    Maybe. Some people prefer fantasy over reality no matter what. So long as there is an alternative they’ll always choose that. So maybe for them it is. Everyone’s mileage varies.


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