Setting Bank – Park After Ice Storm

Shattering crashes speckled the ice encased silence as people wandered out of their houses adorned in layers. Children pointed to their swings and slides as they ran over to them, awing over the statues of their favorite playthings. Some of them tried hammering their tiny gloved hands on the crystallized surfaces, only to come away … Continue reading Setting Bank – Park After Ice Storm


Setting Bank – Amusement Park

Newcomers stared at the spectacle of light weaving rides under the cloak of night, cascading screams in the midst of the highest drop, and mazes of bodies creating lined walls to each ride. Children giggled as the spun, bounced, and swung, dragging their attraction-weary parents behind them as they raced ahead. Bells tolled to those … Continue reading Setting Bank – Amusement Park

Setting Bank – Coffee Shop

The caffeinated artists painted with milk, cream, and froth while couples near the windows stared out the windows and dreamed to the song of rain drumming on the pavement outside the door. Incoming customers took refuge in the barista’s warm smile as she offered a cup of pick-me-up with a side of sweet indulgence. Regulars … Continue reading Setting Bank – Coffee Shop

Setting Bank – Library

Someone must have hired a master architect who'd spent a past life building cathedrals in order to come up with this book sanctuary. Artists, tourists, and knowledge seekers alike flocked to the ancient building, climbing cascading staircases to new levels they'd never reached before. Even in its enormity, each book stood tall, proud, and whole … Continue reading Setting Bank – Library

Setting Bank – Classroom

White, circular lights glower down at the students, beaming blinding light from the ceiling. The chairs and walls had the color vacuumed out, leaving nothing but the white skeletons for children to sit in. Tiles line the floor, leading the way up to the blank technology taking center stage in the bleak room. The only facet … Continue reading Setting Bank – Classroom

Setting Bank – Sports Event

Sporting soldiers fight without sword or shield, choosing instead to throw their own bodies at the opposing army. Steel coliseums draw regional crowds, even some from around the world to watch the battle between the warring sides. They show support by dressing in the same wear as the team, going so far as to patronize … Continue reading Setting Bank – Sports Event

Setting Bank – Lake Resort

Tourists gather in vacation homes in clusters. People continue to live in their own bubbles to avoid nature's water, infected by the very people who visit. For those looking for a waterfront stay, they choose instead to dive into the manmade shapes surrounded by a meticulous hand-planted landscape instead. It's a pleasant guise, a mask of … Continue reading Setting Bank – Lake Resort