Imagination Leaks Series

Take a dive into the first chapter of the Imagination Leaks Series where Adam tries to bring his beloved Ellie back from the brink of a panic attack that takes control of her. Watch their story unravel as Adam tries to help from a distance. How much will he be able to do? Read more →

Read the second chapter of the Imagination Leaks Series to watch Ellie as she discovers Adam’s power to bring art to life. Will this development destroy their love or make them stronger?  Read more→

Read through part 3 to find out what happens when Ellie gets dragged into one of Adam’s paintings by an evil force from Adam’s own mind. Read more→

Now that Ellie and Adam have some time to relax, they think they’re able to take a break from the chaos. However, when a creature escapes from one of Adam’s paintings, they’re both left in danger. Read chapter 4 to find out what happens to the couple! Read more →

In chapter 5, after exchanging gifts and leaving inspiration pinned to a blank canvas in their haste,  Ellie and Adam return home from the community art center to make a startling new discovery.  Read more →

As Ellie and Adam work to strengthen their control,  pain, chaos, and fear push them to the limit. Read chapter 6 of the series to find out how their relationship will fare when put to the test.  Read more →

Take a chocolate break in chapter 7 as the pair reflects on some of their unanswered questions. Will Ellie’s fears prove about the unknown be confirmed? Read more →

Read chapter 8 of the Imagination Leaks Series to watch as Adam and Ellie work through a practice session with the artistic power. What will happen when they try to answer the mountain of questions before them? Read more → 

Read through chapter 9 to watch as Ellie experiences the full terror of being forced into Adam’s newest painting. What will happen when the evil of Adam’s mind claws its way back into the lives of the beloved couple? Read more →

Join Ellie, Adam, and Patch in chapter ten of the Imagination Leaks Series, as they fight to escape the painted world. Will their attempts for freedom leave them with more questions than answers or will their strength be enough to power through? Read more →

Read chapter 11 as Ellie starts to panic about their ability to control The Thread. Watch as the couple grapples with the decision of sharing their secret. Read more →

Read what happens in chapter 12 when Ellie cracks under the pressure. How will she learn to deal with the strain of the Thread on herself and her relationship with Adam? Read more →